A Time for Everything

If you have wondered where we have been and why we have not been updating our blog, well it is because as one person put, “we are no longer interesting.” While maybe I should take offense at such a statement, I just can’t bring myself to do so; because to an extent  it is true. Having seven children on a boat has been a journey, we never went as many places as we had hoped and as the children grew the boat continued to shrink making being a live aboard family all the more difficult. Add living on a boat in the Winter in  Alaska to that equation and it slowly became obvious to Molly and I something would have to change. So last month we signed a two year lease on a apartment in Ketchikan and will be hauling Nadejda this spring where she will be going through a major overhaul.

We are still unsure what the future will bring whether we will move back aboard once some of the kids go their separate ways (our oldest is almost 18! Yikes), or we will take on the major project of lengthening and re-rigging Nadejda. We are currently researching cost materials and talking with the local ship yard about rolling some steel to see if it is an option. If we do decide to go ahead with the project I will try to update the progress as we make it but I do also know that I will be very busy working long hours at my job and then burning the midnight oil on the boat; so updates will more than likely be sporadic at best.

What I do know is that  for now is that we will be land lubbers for two years until the lease is up and that no sooner did Molly and I sign the lease papers that we were missing boat life. So hopefully in a couple of years a almost new Nadejda will be splashing into the cold clear waters of SE Alaska ready for some more adventures. Hopefully much further from home this time!

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  1. It’s not entirely unlikely that we’ll be passing through your neck of the woods again in about a couple years, though it would mean moving faster than we generally do, so unlikely it is, just not entirely unlikely. Our plan, once back on DV is to head for Japan and then maybe keep going around the Pacific, via the Aleutians, and back down your way. But way too many variables to even consider it. Can’t believe your oldest is approaching 18–Eleanor just became a teen late last year, yikes. All the best to all 9 of you. Michael

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