We decided to go on a trip to see an old mine, lighthouse, and homestead, with a few stops in between of course. Now, we have found by experience that not everything goes as planned, which in this case didn’t disappoint, now here is how our first trip of the winter went.    , Read More


If you have wondered where we have been and why we have not been updating our blog, well it is because as one person put, “we are no longer interesting.” While maybe I should take offense at such a statement, I just can’t bring myself to do so; because to an extent  it is, Read More


Well as many of you may have noticed; maintaining our web page is not one of our strengths. Once again we have been struggling with the world of “social media” and weighing the time verses reward and how all that affects our family. I am sure this will not be the last struggle we, Read More


Last year, in yet another attempt to head south (let see I guess that made try number two) we discovered that our hydraulic steering ram was quite under sized and pretty much on it’s last leg. As we reached the southern part of Hecate Strait where it meets up with the Queen Charlotte sound we, Read More


Unfortunately we have spent most of our life aboard Nadejda putting off projects that we want to complete when the boat is hauled out (preferably somewhere warm and dry) or when we can invest the money to do it right. Each year would find us making plans to go somewhere to achieve just that,, Read More


Last Wednesday was Dad’s day off and we decided to spend the day at the beach! While we stayed at the boat and did our chores and Mom washed laundry, Dad went to the store and ran some errands. When he returned we packed everything up, stacked it in a dock cart and set off!, Read More


As the spring turned to summer and the yachts from down south began their yearly migration from Washington State up the inside passage to Ketchikan and beyond I daily walked  past this menagerie of vessels on my way to Nadejda. Some vessels were power some sail, some small and meager others obscenely large and, Read More


A few days ago we were a bit stir crazy from staying in the boat all day, so when Dad came home after work he said we were going on a hike! We all rushed around grabbing shoes and sweaters while Dad grabbed a snack, we put the dog on his leash and when, Read More


The summer has reached it’s apex and soon the air will cool with the shortening days, my job will end and we will be left with a decision, which way do we wander? In the years past we have always planned on heading south in search of warmer weather but those plans were always, Read More


Opinions are like peoples anchors; every one has a least one. If you ever want to have a bit of fun stirring the proverbial hornets nest log onto a cruising forum and pose a not so innocent question regarding what the best anchor is, along with some well intentioned advice you will get opinions, Read More