Our girls hangin’ out with Angela. It actually took a lot of effort to get out of Bodega Bay. Our first try was soon after the 4th of July. Learning from previous experience, we worked at making sure everything was stowed away before leaving the dock. Although there was a light wind upon leaving, Read More

Many of you know that we are no longer in Bodega Bay but have made it to the Columbia River. (Hooray!! It feels like an accomplishment!) It’s just not in me to skip all that happened from there to here of our journey so you’ll have to bear with me as I continue posting, Read More

(I know it took me long enough to update, I’m lazy when Internet is inconvenient.) We were naive to think we could buy a boat put some bottom paint on it, load our belonging it in and sail off. Yeah, we thought there would be some other work that would need to be done,, Read More

(I’m sorry for the tardy updates, I’ve two more following this one as I’m playing catch up. We aren’t lost at sea, just stuck in port!) After arriving in Drake’s Bay we had talked about staying a day to make a few repairs to the rigging. Some of the of the d-rings for raising, Read More

The skies were gray & lightly sprinkling the morning we woke to leave the bay. With the cold cereal finished & dishes piled in the sink, (I didn’t have time to wash them as we were running late) the four of us began raising the anchor. We took team shifts winding it up this, Read More

We hung out in the Bay for quite a few days as we were waiting for Brian. We’d been introduced to him a week previous as someone that would like to sail along for some offshore sailing. He was looking forward to experiencing it as most of his sailing was done in the Bay., Read More

After six hours of motoring we arrived in Richardson’s Bay near Sausalito. The Golden Gate was in sight! We planned on anchoring out in the bay. The wind had picked up and was blowing us around so we wanted to drop the anchor & settle down for the night. (I really hate to disclose, Read More

We did it! Spur of the moment of course, because if I’d told all of you something would have stopped us. Mark, a fellow with the neighboring sailboat, was going to go down most of the Napa River so we asked to follow. We had an hour to make ready & button things up., Read More

Before we left we found a really good deal for 1/2″ double braid rope on Craigslist, so we bought it. We’ve started using it for some of the running rigging as it needs changed out. The first rope we changed we attached using a knot, the second one we wanted to change but it, Read More

Cory knows the parts you’re looking for! If nothing goes wrong, we should be leaving the marina tomorrow & heading down the river. There will always be something that will need to be done that is easier to do at the dock, but that defeats the purpose of what we want to do. So,, Read More