You would think that saying is a given but for most of us it is easier said than done. Why? Well, it can be a journey just to discover what it is that you love to do. Today I spent time talking with Annika (age 12) about discovering what it is you truly enjoy, Read More


Finding creative activities for kids to keep them busy in tight quarters can be a challenge. Many crafts require a plethora of supplies; not only do we not have the space living on a boat but residing on an island in SE Alaska can make attaining specialized materials near impossible. I wanted to find, Read More

Michael on the frozen docks. Gabe’s toes, Bodega Bay The weather here dropped 15 degrees putting us close to 20 for over a week. Twice we, I being one of responsible parties, forgot to leave the water running at the sink. Oops! (Currently we are directly hooked into the marina’s fresh water, an on-board, Read More