We decided to go on a trip to see an old mine, lighthouse, and homestead, with a few stops in between of course. Now, we have found by experience that not everything goes as planned, which in this case didn’t disappoint, now here is how our first trip of the winter went.    , Read More


Well as many of you may have noticed; maintaining our web page is not one of our strengths. Once again we have been struggling with the world of “social media” and weighing the time verses reward and how all that affects our family. I am sure this will not be the last struggle we, Read More


Last year, in yet another attempt to head south (let see I guess that made try number two) we discovered that our hydraulic steering ram was quite under sized and pretty much on it’s last leg. As we reached the southern part of Hecate Strait where it meets up with the Queen Charlotte sound we, Read More


Opinions are like peoples anchors; every one has a least one. If you ever want to have a bit of fun stirring the proverbial hornets nest log onto a cruising forum and pose a not so innocent question regarding what the best anchor is, along with some well intentioned advice you will get opinions, Read More


We went on a trip to visit an island where a Tlingit tribe used to live, after a couple of days there, we traveled to a Ryus bay a few hours away; which is where a series of accidents decided to pay us a visit. It all started with us exploring an old homestead…, Read More


One of the highlights of our Misty Fjord trip was our time spent a the hot springs. Here is a short video of our stop there.


Nadejda moored in Punch Bowl Cove – Rudyard Bay January found Ketchikan warmly wrapped in a mild stormy blanket of rain and mist. The wind had come occasionally too, letting us know that we were not forgotten; though he seemed to be in high spirits as those visits were more tolerable than usual.  We, Read More

What a crazy, busy summer we have had! While we had good intentions to keep up with both the blog and our short videos this past summer, our seasonal jobs and the addition of Rule #20 (Don’t put off tomorrow what you can do today. learned: plans change, work while the sun shines!) to, Read More

It has been almost three months, three long months since a family plucked from an angry ocean became the catalyst in confirming that not only is the American public lacking knowledge of who we are and why we are, but that they are vocal and vehement in their ignorance.  Thankfully for us they are easily, Read More