Last year, in yet another attempt to head south (let see I guess that made try number two) we discovered that our hydraulic steering ram was quite under sized and pretty much on it’s last leg. As we reached the southern part of Hecate Strait where it meets up with the¬†Queen Charlotte sound we, Read More

First Try!   Green Beans just going in the pan. It seems that for some of us, as time passes our hobbies become our boats; the past memories of when time was spent on trivial matters, for no other reason then the enjoyment they brought us, soon becomes more and more distant. With the, Read More

I’ve spent the last few days “jarring” salmon into 35 pints. Before coming up north I would have shared that I canned my bounty… but you are able to buy cans to can in at the local marine store! I’ve had a couple of people stop and look at me, “…you canned it? …or, Read More

I was given bags of food off of a yacht that came in to port the other day. The group of 7 that spent a 10 day excursion wandering Alaska was at an end. They had more food than they knew what to do with and it had to be gone before they returned, Read More

I decided I wanted lazy jacks. After trying to gather a mainsail that was spread out over the entire pilot house or a mizzen across the boomkin in rolling seas while sea sick, they were darn necessary! How nice would it be to just drop the sails?! Michael & the sea So thus making, Read More

It’s time I blogged something! We haven’t been idle all this time either… we decided to do an unplanned remodel of our pilot house, along with all the other projects we have lined up before we move on farther north. (We’ve already had one person look at us funny and be amazed –pretty sure, Read More

The pilot house has been getting a remodel… cutting, grinding, welding. Peter wore both safety glasses & a respirator mask, but the glasses didn’t sit properly with the mask on. Last week his eye started bothering him. I looked under his eyelid and thought I saw maybe a white spot causing it, never thinking, Read More

Newly discovered chart table in the Nav. Room It seems that old boats hold secrets a lot like old houses. Since buying the boat ten months ago we have always called the cabin off the galley the “First Mates Cabin” due to it being a separate cabin and containing a single double berth. To, Read More