As the spring turned to summer and the yachts from down south began their yearly migration from Washington State up the inside passage to Ketchikan and beyond I daily walked  past this menagerie of vessels on my way to Nadejda. Some vessels were power some sail, some small and meager others obscenely large and, Read More


You would think that saying is a given but for most of us it is easier said than done. Why? Well, it can be a journey just to discover what it is that you love to do. Today I spent time talking with Annika (age 12) about discovering what it is you truly enjoy, Read More

First Try!   Green Beans just going in the pan. It seems that for some of us, as time passes our hobbies become our boats; the past memories of when time was spent on trivial matters, for no other reason then the enjoyment they brought us, soon becomes more and more distant. With the, Read More

I’ve spent the last few days “jarring” salmon into 35 pints. Before coming up north I would have shared that I canned my bounty… but you are able to buy cans to can in at the local marine store! I’ve had a couple of people stop and look at me, “…you canned it? …or, Read More

Can you tell it is laundry day?? Well being a bit redneck and not having the time or materials to do the job right leads to a dorade vent from the hardware store. Our boat came with cowl vents that jutted out of the deck and had long since lost any hope of being, Read More

I was given bags of food off of a yacht that came in to port the other day. The group of 7 that spent a 10 day excursion wandering Alaska was at an end. They had more food than they knew what to do with and it had to be gone before they returned, Read More

Bulk, yes we buy in bulk… or at least we used to. Living on a sailboat has changed the way I shop for groceries. Back on the farm where we lived 25 miles from either of the three closest towns (very centrally located!) I would generally shop once a month. I bought flour, sugar, Read More