Last year, in yet another attempt to head south (let see I guess that made try number two) we discovered that our hydraulic steering ram was quite under sized and pretty much on it’s last leg. As we reached the southern part of Hecate Strait where it meets up with the¬†Queen Charlotte sound we, Read More

The old tank muffler Old exhaust seen in back ground The new exhaust attached to the engine. When we bought Nadejda we knew she was a project boat. We have made list upon list of project that need done sometimes categorized from urgent to want, always a victory when we can check one off., Read More

The idea that we would leave on Tuesday may or may not happen, as much as we are ready to go. Depends on the minimum we want to do to leave. Peter turned the wheel one direction this morning and realized he’d hooked up hydraulic lines backwards. Oops! Here he thought he was done, Read More

We woke up to a bright Tuesday morning! Breakfast was just finishing when the guys arrived to start putting her in the water. Peter had been up early to pull out mooring lines & have them ready once we were docked. You do wonder as she goes in if you had found all the, Read More

Monday was our last day at dry storage. We had until 3pm to have our stuff done, on & ready to go. The morning was spent hauling the last of it up on the boat and finishing last minute touches of paint. There were still things we were shaking our heads at as to, Read More

The big day of painting has arrived! Yesterday we gave her a boat wash to clean any dirt or residue that might be on her to get her ready. Peter started taping while I put together breakfast. Once finished Peter, Addy & I started in on the painting. We’d learned after letting most of, Read More

Our main focus has been to get the boat in the water as soon as possible. The goal was by the end of April. We spent the beginning days on her scrapping the barnacle residue off her & working on any rust spots she may have. Peter has found areas that need to be, Read More