We decided to go on a trip to see an old mine, lighthouse, and homestead, with a few stops in between of course. Now, we have found by experience that not everything goes as planned, which in this case didn’t disappoint, now here is how our first trip of the winter went.    , Read More


The first summer we were in Alaska I worked as a deck hand for a company that ran day tours to the Misty Fjord National Monument and specifically Rudyerd Bay. That summer was probably the most memorable, primarily because of the crew I worked with. One day after a tour our captain suggested that, Read More


Nadejda moored in Punch Bowl Cove – Rudyard Bay January found Ketchikan warmly wrapped in a mild stormy blanket of rain and mist. The wind had come occasionally too, letting us know that we were not forgotten; though he seemed to be in high spirits as those visits were more tolerable than usual.  We, Read More

Lines. They aren’t what really keep your boat from leaving the dock. No… it is ourselves with excuses, schedules, activities, worries, fears… and just being plain lazy.  ~ Molly Sunshine ahead! Since arriving here in Ketchikan life it seems has conspired against us to keep Nadejda secured to the dock. Sure there were the, Read More