The first summer we were in Alaska I worked as a deck hand for a company that ran day tours to the Misty Fjord National Monument and specifically Rudyerd Bay. That summer was probably the most memorable, primarily because of the crew I worked with. One day after a tour our captain suggested that, Read More

I am terrible about collecting what is not necessary (or useful) on our boat, most especially since we’ve been in one location for about 2 years. Vintage kitchen items, colorful fabric, and old teacups & saucers that I will sneak past Peter to stash in odd corners. We’ve begun the exodus of all the, Read More

Oh the wind is lashing lustily And the trees are thrashing thrustily And the leaves are rustling gustily So it’s rather safe to say That it seems that it may turn out to be It feels that it will undoubtedly It looks like a rather blustery day, today It sounds that it may turn, Read More