We decided to go on a trip to see an old mine, lighthouse, and homestead, with a few stops in between of course. Now, we have found by experience that not everything goes as planned, which in this case didn’t disappoint, now here is how our first trip of the winter went.    , Read More

If you have being cruising long you are aware of those like the Pardeys who sail the world round with out the assistance of an engine. It often invokes romantic visions of a simple existence, that of an intimate relationship with the sea. Yet few of us, though we long for the simplicity, wean, Read More

In our preparation to go to Alaska, we really were hoping for a weather window that would allow us to go around the outside of Vancouver Island, into Queen Charlotte Sound & through Hecate Strait. After much searching on-line we could not find anyone who had made a similar voyage and published their experience, Read More