Last Wednesday was Dad’s day off and we decided to spend the day at the beach! While we stayed at the boat and did our chores and Mom washed laundry, Dad went to the store and ran some errands. When he returned we packed everything¬†up, stacked it in a dock cart and set off!, Read More


The first summer we were in Alaska I worked as a deck hand for a company that ran day tours to the Misty Fjord National Monument and specifically Rudyerd Bay. That summer was probably the most memorable, primarily because of the crew I worked with. One day after a tour our captain suggested that, Read More


One of the highlights of our Misty Fjord trip was our time spent a the hot springs. Here is a short video of our stop there.

We have finished a couple of new videos; you can find them under our “Video” menu, if interested. We will try and get a blog post out soon now that the videos are done. Please feel free to give us feed back on the videos we would like to improve them as we learn., Read More

Kids stopping for a ¬†snack on the Rainbird Trail. There was a lot of excitement last night as we exported our first video; the kids all cheered when it finished uploading to YouTube. We had spent the last few weeks learning the software and compiling the logos and footage from last spring’s hike. We, Read More