Well as many of you may have noticed; maintaining our web page is not one of our strengths. Once again we have been struggling with the world of “social media” and weighing the time verses reward and how all that affects our family. I am sure this will not be the last struggle we, Read More

We rented a vehicle to go visit Grandpa for the day. We have been moving like crazy to get ready for our next jaunt up north. Added to all the projects that we are madly trying to finish we caught colds, which is quite annoying. By the end of the day we are exhausted, Read More

I decided I wanted lazy jacks. After trying to gather a mainsail that was spread out over the entire pilot house or a mizzen across the boomkin in rolling seas while sea sick, they were darn necessary! How nice would it be to just drop the sails?! Michael & the sea So thus making, Read More

It’s time I blogged something! We haven’t been idle all this time either… we decided to do an unplanned remodel of our pilot house, along with all the other projects we have lined up before we move on farther north. (We’ve already had one person look at us funny and be amazed –pretty sure, Read More

It’s everywhere! Piles of it and no where to put it let alone logically keep it. With what we have on the boat, plus three storage units it’s a little much to hold on to. I’m an emotional wreck as I down another mocha. I have to go through the “stuff”, make decisions, downsize,, Read More

A Very “Num Day” Michael (left) Gabe (right) Most mornings Molly and I are greeted by a little voice declaring that the new day is a “Num Day”. Our three year old son, Micheal, climbs on our bed to inform us of this. While we are not sure as to what makes for a, Read More

Oh the wind is lashing lustily And the trees are thrashing thrustily And the leaves are rustling gustily So it’s rather safe to say That it seems that it may turn out to be It feels that it will undoubtedly It looks like a rather blustery day, today It sounds that it may turn, Read More

(I’m going to throw in a couple of current happenings with my catching up.) The weather on the river had been getting more crisp & with a distinctive bite; fall had definitely arrived. It was time to get that diesel stove functional. We had bought it off of craigslist  back when we’d sold the, Read More