We decided to go on a trip to see an old mine, lighthouse, and homestead, with a few stops in between of course. Now, we have found by experience that not everything goes as planned, which in this case didn’t disappoint, now here is how our first trip of the winter went.    , Read More


Well as many of you may have noticed; maintaining our web page is not one of our strengths. Once again we have been struggling with the world of “social media” and weighing the time verses reward and how all that affects our family. I am sure this will not be the last struggle we, Read More


The summer has reached it’s apex and soon the air will cool with the shortening days, my job will end and we will be left with a decision, which way do we wander? In the years past we have always planned on heading south in search of warmer weather but those plans were always, Read More

Michael on the frozen docks. Gabe’s toes, Bodega Bay The weather here dropped 15 degrees putting us close to 20 for over a week. Twice we, I being one of responsible parties, forgot to leave the water running at the sink. Oops! (Currently we are directly hooked into the marina’s fresh water, an on-board, Read More

(I’m going to throw in a couple of current happenings with my catching up.) The weather on the river had been getting more crisp & with a distinctive bite; fall had definitely arrived. It was time to get that diesel stove functional. We had bought it off of craigslist  back when we’d sold the, Read More