PeterPeter (Captain)

Spending the first several years of my life in Latin America  and having a grandfather who built his own boat and sailed her to the South Pacific gave me a bad case of wanderlust at a very young age. Even after moving to the States as a child  my family moved from one place to the next; never really settling down. I went to college in the field of Aviation Technology (fancy name for aircraft mechanic) and after completing this course of study realized there was no money in that field so I worked as everything from an electrical technician for a CNC machine tool company to doing structural design on commercial buildings. I currently work as a Port Engineer (once again a nice name for the guy who fixes the boats) and spend my spare time sailing and pursuing my love of photography.



MollyMolly (First Mate)

Molly grew up in Oregon along the Columbia River, her childhood was not one of wandering but staying put. When she was a teenage her dad took a year sabbatical and moved the family to Mexico where they worked at a orphanage on the Baja Peninsula. This experience wet her appetite for travel and started the itch to see new places. She never consider a life at sea until she met Peter and his dream of sailing began to rub off on her. While she prefers to sip coffee by the galley stove she is always ready when something goes wrong to climb a mast or go out on a bowsprit that is being buried in water.





CalebCaleb (age 15)

Caleb is the oldest of our seven children.  He enjoys fishing, exploring and running the skiff, especially when he can use the outboard. With all the float planes here in Alaska and having a grandfather who is a pilot, he dreams of flying and spends time drawing out new designs for airplanes. Walking about town he enjoys visiting various people he knows; he is probably the most outgoing member of our crew..






Adelaide2Adelaide (age 14)

Adelaide is our adventurous one; always willing and eager to try something new. If the mast needs climbed she will be the first to grab a harness. When she was nine we gave her a violin and a DVD instructional series, music has since become her passion. During our time in Ketchikan she has joined almost every band she can find, though she is especially fond of ‘Irish music. She also enjoys spending time with her dad wandering about taking pictures. If she is not playing music or taking pictures her nose is in a book.





 AnnikaAnnika (age 12)

Annika has become our reader, so much so that she will disappear into a book and not come out until she is in trouble for not doing her chores.  She is quite musical, loves to sing and has a beautiful voice,. She plays the Cello though all too often her books get in the way of practising (or is that the other way around?).






KatieKatie (age 11)

Katie is our artist, spending time with pencil and paper capturing the world around her with amazing detail. She will continually bring new “how to” drawing books home from the library and spend hours working through them. She is also very spunky with tons of character, as being the middle child isn’t the easiest.





ElaineElaine (age  9)

Elaine is our fairy princess, flitting about in her twirly skirts. When on hikes or at the beach she can be found building fairy houses, decorating them with sea shells and pretty rocks she finds. She is also our little scientist, spends time conducting her own experiments, observing the world about her.






MichaelMichael (age 7)

Michael is our pirate complete with his hat vest and sword. He is a prolific cartoonist sketching crazy scenes with pirates, bombs, and what ever others thing catches his fancy. He is also our morning person, he goes to bed early and wakes us with “What’s for breakfast” almost every morning.






GabeGabe (age 5)

Gabe is our Lego guy, building new and exciting boats and other vehicles, the whole time spreading the Lego collection evenly about the boat. He is also our tough guy and has the scars to prove it. We are so glad that we no longer have the motorcycles the kids used to ride on the farm; we wouldn’t be able to afford the doctor bills.





JackJack (age puppy)

Jack is our dog, sometimes referred to as the Wonder Dog. He is officially the biggest whiner on the crew and is very vocal about his complaints. He loves the kids and gets very depressed when they go out without him.