The unintentional selfie

From a young age I was drawn to photography. My grandfather shared his love of the craft with me through his life album which he kept close by his chair. I spent hours perusing this album of images from exotic places around the world, interestingly some were of Southeast Alaska. In time I had my own equipment and soon was spending much of my time in nature attempting to capture the beauty of my surroundings. Ansel Adams was a major influence on the way I saw my surroundings and encouraged my love of black and white photography. In the 1998 I married and as children came and responsibilities increased my equipment quickly migrated to the back of the closet and out of my life. Then came the point and shoot digital cameras that were used to capture first steps, second birthdays and the occasional sunset. Last year my wife encouraged me to purchase a “real” camera thus renewing my love of photography.

During my hiatus photography changed forever. With the advent of digital photography brought the ability to take pictures and process them digitally on one’s computer; gone were the long hours spent in darkrooms, being replaced by time spent with keyboard and mouse. When I made the switch to digital and started post processing my work I found that my love for black and white had not faded with time; with the ease of digital choice my work became ever increasingly monochrome. Color with all its realism and brilliant hues stimulates the eyes of the mind while black and white for me effects the soul with its textures of life, nature and time.

I appreciate you taking the time to look,