Welcome to Ocean Vagabonds

Cleaning Sweet Charlotte

The girls jump in the harbor to scrub the bottom of Sweet Charlotte a Cape Dory Typhoon we borrow for day sails and racing in the summer months.

Rudyerd Bay – A Poem

The first summer we were in Ketchikan I wrote a poem about Rudyerd Bay in the Misty Fjords National Monument. This winter I had the opportunity to take my family out to the Mistys and share my love for the area with them. While we were there I had the excuse to take some photographs of the bay and decided to put the poem to pictures. I hope you enjoy the video!

Ryus Bay

On one of our trips this winter we anchored for two nights in a secluded little cove named Ryus Bay. I had been told there was remnants of an old homestead in the bay so the next day the girls and I headed out to see what we could find. This is a short video of what we found there.

Shelokum Hot Springs

On our trip around Revillagigedo Island in January we stopped in Bailey Bay to see if we could hike up to some hot springs that were located above the bay. Though it was raining and cold we made it to the springs and the kids had their first introduction to the world of soaking in natural hot springs.

Live TV

The girls were bored one rainy Ketchikan day and decided to act out a little skit on camera.

Rattlin’ Bog

The girls perform with the BOWI Band at the local Irish Pub.

Carroll Inlet

The crew enjoys a short trip up one of the fjords close to town. While out we do some exploring, fishing and catch some crab.

Naha Bay

We head around the north end of the island to a small inlet where there is a trail leading up to an old homestead. My grandfather had come here in the fifties and had met the Ortons that had the ranch and had brought me here in the nineties when I accompanied him to Alaska.

Pizza Night

The crew goes to the Ketchikan Yacht Club to make pizza and take showers.

Rainbird Trail

Our fist video! We go with the kids to hike a trail they had found the fall prior.